Vivienne Slub & Abigail Mohair Lace pattern suggestions!

Vivienne Slub & Abigail Mohair Lace pattern suggestions!

Have you seen those awesome slub & mohair lace combos popping up lately but aren't quite sure what to make with them? I'm here to help!

Let's first talk about the necessary info. When you hold a skein of silk mohair lace together with a skein of slub fingering you get a DK weight yarn. So your options of what to make with these pretties just got even larger. You also want to pick a pattern that isn't overly complicated. The texture and fun colors will be harder to see if you pick something that is full of intricate cables or lace. You want to stick with something that is garter, stockinette and some YO's thrown in are just fine!   I will be sharing patterns that will specifically be designed for these two yarns together and just some that I think would be really fun and cool to make with these fun combos. 

Free- Knit- Ravelry: Slub Cowl pattern by The Mimo Yarn Co.

Paid- Knit- Ravelry: Mo' Slub Knit Club pattern by Melissa Kemmerer

Paid - Knit - Ravelry: Knit A Rainbow Sweater pattern by Kimberly K. McAlindin

Paid- Knit Ravelry: Noelani pattern by Laura Dobratz

Paid - knit Ravelry: Sprinkled With Kindness pattern by Cally Monster

Paid- Knit Ravelry: For the Frill Of It pattern by Chic and Regal Knits

Paid- Knit Ravelry: Breezeway pattern by Carissa Browning - there are 2 samples of this shawl in the pattern. one with slub and one without

Paid - Crochet Ravelry: Butternut Slub Cowl pattern by Connie Lee Lynch this pattern calls for slub + fingering but I think slub + mohair would work fine!

Paid- Knit Ravelry: Slub & Fuzz pattern by Skeinanigans

Free- Knit Ravelry: Mo’ Slub Wrap pattern by Amanda Chadwick

Free- Knit Ravelry: White Caps Cowl pattern by Purl Soho

Paid- Knit Ravelry: Love Note pattern by tincanknits

Paid- Knit Ravelry: Wisp Tank pattern by Caitlin Hunter

Paid- Knit Ravelry: Birds of a Feather pattern by Andrea Mowry

Paid- Knit Ravelry: Wrap Me Up Sweater Scarf pattern by Knitatude / Chantal Miyagishima

Paid- Knit Ravelry: Something Cozy pattern by Shaina Bilow

Paid- Knit  Manchester Lace Wrap — Knit Sisu

There are lots more amazing patterns that would work amazingly well for this fun combo of yarn! Let your creativity run wild and don't be afraid to think outside of the box. And as always feel free to contact me with any questions!

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