April Chrysocolla - Stone Colorway of the Month- Pick Your Base

2023 Yarn of the Month Collection! Stones! 
pick your favorite base and add a small stone if you wish that matches your monthly exclusive colorway.

please note: these colorways will not be dyed again. Please order enough for your project. 


ENERGY: This crystal is a very beautiful stone
with several beneficial energies. It is known as a
healing stone & opening psychic vision among
Native American Indian cultures where it was
used for assisting the body's resistance, bringing
about calm feelings where there is upset, draws
out guilt, heals the heart & opens it to love.
PHYSICAL: It is the stone of peace, communication,
teaching. & transformation. Encourages inner balance
& self-awareness.




Jimmy Sock

Approximately 463 yards/100 grams

75% Superwash Merino wool 25% Nylon, 4 ply  fingering weight.

Trevor Morgan DK 

Approximately 231 yards/100 grams

100% Superwash Merino wool , 8 ply, DK  weight

 Oscar Worsted

218 yards 100g 

100% Superwash merino 


Each hank is unique if using more then one its best to alternate hanks every few rows.

Care: Hand wash cold & lay flat to dry. If you must machine wash I strongly suggest a garment bag and COLD water. Washing hand dyed yarn in water above 106f can break the bond between yarn & dye.

I do my best to represent colors accurately, but they may vary slightly when viewed on different monitors and screens


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