McQueen Silk Sock- Valentines Sweets

McQueen Silk Sock

Approximately 400 yards/100 grams

80% Superwash Merino wool 20% Silk, 4 ply  fingering weight.

McQueen Silk Sock: This yarn was named after Alexander McQueen and like his creations this yarn is a show stopper! The 20% silk gives this yarn a gorgeous sheen and is sure to be noticed in your projects. Silk is natures nylon so this yarn is also perfect for socks. It also has a 2 ply high twist that makes it extremely strong. Enjoy making socks, garments and pretty much everything out of this versatile base.

One skein should be enough for a pair of socks, but be sure to check your pattern's requirements.

Each hank is unique if using more then one its best to alternate hanks every few rows.

Care: Hand wash cold & lay flat to dry. If you must machine wash I strongly suggest a garment bag and COLD water. Washing hand dyed yarn in water above 106f can break the bond between yarn & dye.

I do my best to represent colors accurately, but they may vary slightly when viewed on different monitors and screens


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